he philosophy behind the development of this software was to create a system totally devoid of computer and accounting complexities that can be operated by the staff of a GP practice in an entirely intuitive manner. Furthermore accounts production facilities are an integral part of this system that enable the accountants for such practices to make full use of the underlying records for producing management and annual accounts.(see some illustrations)

Whilst both systems operate in tandem these can also be operated totally independently by their respective users. The system incorporates most task handling features that major software products have to offer but in a manner that is significantly simpler to operate. There are numerous controls for data validation, error miminisation and early detection so that the system can be used in a relatively error free environment.

This is probabley the only fully fledged accounting software that has adopted a completely memorandum approach to book-keeping. This means that accounting data is entered without any regard to book-keeping deciplines and the system applies the necessary deciplines from within and generates sophisticated ledgers and accounts that conform with the accepted accounting standards.

The salient features of the system are summarised below:

  • Comprehensive nominal ledger accounting system complete with cash and bank controls and a dual period trial balance
  • Detailed accounting for Red Book items, superannuations, grants and other matters that emanate from NHS/GP accounting routine.
  • Detailed current accounts are maintained for each partner reflecting their respective positions with regards share of profits, drawings, superannuations etc.
  • Memorandum data capture without a need for users to apply accounting disciplines. Data is entered easily in a tabular format with default entries entered automatically by the system where possible to maximise speed and minimise occurrence of errors. Nevertheless error detection mechanisms have been installed at every level to ensure early detection and correction.
  • Audit trail and full accessibility to prime data at every level with total control making it possible to amend, add or delete entries at any time with self adjusting consequences.
  • Fully automated end of period routine whereby simple entry of the cut off date for ledgers automatically adjusts all brought forward balances and accumulates P&L balances in one account.
  • Exceptionally simple system of navigation with the use of a central control panel with all operations driven by logically placed buttons.
  • Incorporation of reference or permanent data on a once and for all basis available for easy access and possible updating at any time.
  • Systems security with simple yet secure password allocation and updating routine.
  • Effective cash flow control features such as on screen cash and bank balances, distinguishing between cleared and uncleared funds and early warning system for imminent payables.
  • Simple to use and fully automated system for recurring payments and receipts.
  • On screen bank reconciliation with the facility to amend and update entries at the same time with self-adjusting consequences producing detailed reconciliation statements on screen and in hard copy.
  • Simple and flexible charts of accounts easy to customise.
  • Production of a wealth of reports and documents at a touch of a button for accounting, performance evaluation and control purposes.
  • Accounts production facilities as an integral part of the system produces presentable accounts that conform with the accepted accounting standards in particular those applicable to GP practices. Accounts can be produced for single handed GPs as well as partnerships of up to 12 partners. Various peculiarities of GP accounts are catered for and informative notes generated to compliment the financial statements. With numerous ways that partnership profits and individual NHS receipts can be allocated between partners the system can cope with any profit sharing arrangement that may be applicable and produces an accurate position for each partner.

There are many more features that are available within each of the broad heads mentioned above. These are too numerous to mention but together have culminated in a system that is tailored for use by GP practices in an exceptionally efficient manner whilst immensely productive for accountants who deal with such practices.

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