Standard off the shelf accounting packages are produced with the view to be applicable to as many trading environments as possible. This generalised approach gives rise to complexities in task handling for a given trading situation often requiring intensive training and familiarisation by users to enable them to make proper use of these packages. In addition there is the inherent inability to address specific needs peculiar to a given industry unless these are heavily customised sometimes with "add-on" programs and always at a significant cost.

Our approach has been entirely different in that we have created software packages that are tailor-made for individual trading groups. This approach has allowed us to design systems that are totally focussed on the requirements of its users and operate in a manner that is entirely compatible with their specific transaction patterns and trading environments. As a result users in each trading group immediately relate to their system and are able to follow its routines intuitively.

A further achievement in design terms has allowed us to eliminate the usual computer and accounting complexities from our products. Based on an innovative approach accounting data is processed in accordance with the transaction patterns of each trading group without any regard to book-keeping or accounting disciplines. Such disciplines are applied within the core of the software to allow users to operate each system as part of their daily routines and without a need for any book-keeping or accounting skills.

User groups
Our intention is to initially target smaller economic entities with complex accounting needs that standard software packages are unable to readily cope with. A separate accounting software package will address the needs of each trading group bearing the title books for ę…...followed by the trade or profession for which it is intended. Products that are currently available in this series are books forę GP practices, books forę nursing/home-care agencies, books forę professional service providers (incorporating time and fees management) and books forę retail and catering trades.

Product features
Many features incorporated in these products are totally unique in design terms and in the manner that these achieve results. Emphasis has been placed on ease of use for the systems user whilst complex tasks are performed by the system behind the scenes and results produced in the simplest way possible.
Following are worthy of mentioning:

There are many more facilities and features that are available within each of the broad heads mentioned above. These are too numerous to mention but together have culminated in systems that work well for the environments for which these have been designed.