This software is designed to address all the internal accounting needs of a professional practice that is engaged in selling time such as firms of accountants. Unlike the existing off the shelf packages with generalised capabilities, this is a “bespoke” program that uniquely combines a comprehensive ledger accounting system with a sophisticated time and fee management facility to create a powerful tool to manage all aspects of the practice accounts.

Having evolved in a professional firm environment, the system is fully compatible with the firms’ working practices requiring a minimum of familiarisation and formal training. Furthermore installation and change over is exceptionally simple and once installed you would immediately relate to the system and can follow the routines intuitively.

The system incorporates many practical features that are completely unique and designed to handle with ease those tasks that normally prove most cumbersome. These features are also designed to maximise the practitioners financial control in those areas that are vital to firm’s prosperity such as income generation, fee collection and staffing costs.

Following are worthy of mentioning:

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