As the authors and creators of books for © series of accounting software we have been aware of the shortcomings of the existing off the shelf packages for use under certain trading and professional conditions. Whilst enormously powerful in some respects off the shelf packages tend to have adopted a generalised approach to task handling which makes these incapable of addressing specific needs peculiar to a given trading situation. It is possible to customise some packages to address a particular set of requirements this however is often achieved at a significant cost and yet unable to interface with each user group in the manner that follows their specific trading patterns or professional environments. Our approach has been entirely different in that we have created bespoke applications that not only address each group’s specific needs these also operate and interface with users in a manner that is entirely compatible with their specific transaction patterns and trading environments. Based on this approach it has been possible to streamline packages to only contain features that are absolutely relevant making each system totally focussed, remarkably simple to use and intuitively understood by its users. Furthermore there is no need for computer skills or any knowledge in accounting or book-keeping in order to be able to operate the systems as part of the daily routine. Accounting software packages are currently available in the books for © series for the following trades or professions:

A powerful and industry compliant book-keeping and accounts production software for use by busy GP practices and by their accountants

Specialised accounting package for use by the domicilliary care agencies and other similar establishments

All in one accounting solution for smaller professional firms with a comprehensive nominal ledger together with a powerful time and fee management facility as integral parts of one system

A simple yet comprehensive package tailor-made for use by shop-keepers and other similar establishments that are engaged in till operated cash and credit card daily takings
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